Right now, I feel like I am a million miles from where I want to be artistically.
I am pleased that I am able to create and draw, especially the things that I really enjoy – hobby related stuff – but I really need to put more work in to get where I want to be with it.
I’m not complaining, just making a critical observation about my own work.

This character is Furio, a Night Lord Apothecary and he belongs to Fuukonomiko, we’re in a server together and there is a ‘Draw the Person Above you’ thread, it’s a great way to find different test subjects to try and draw! Always good to pick up chapters and characters I wouldn’t normally go for!

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2 responses to “Furio”

    • Thank you Pete.
      I certainly have no intention of stopping, it’s just a case pf putting in the practise and keeping at it.
      I’m really going to push for more dynamic/action poses and see how I get on.

      Thank you for the compliment and comment.

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