Displaced#1: Left to Die – Kevin Hamilton, Jeferson Sadzinski, et-al

Title: Displaced
Written By: Kevin Hamilton
Art By: Jeferson Sadzinski
Published by: Independent
Publication date: 2018
Genre: Comic/Science Fiction
Pages: Single Issue
Format: Paperback
Source: Private Collection

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Imagine. Imagine getting the escape you have dreamed of. To be swept off your feet and taken on a grand journey with no limits. No restrictions, living the life you want and not the life that had been handed to you. This isn’t that story… This story is the worst possible version of that. Getting swept off your feet to be taken on a death trip, never knowing that you will get to go home, to see your family. Forced to make decisions that will traumatize and make you the worst version of yourself. This is that story.


Writing a review for a single issue comic isn’t something I would usually do – they’re often so fast to get through that I’ll end up writing more words here than is in the actual comic – but for Displaced, I shall make an exception.

I picked up Displaced via Twitter when I saw someone retweeting about it on my timeline, offering it for sale with a handful of goodies. I inquired about shipping to the UK and the author quickly answered and we were able to sort something out, for which I am most grateful. It arrived safely and a day or so later, I was able to sit down, open the package and enjoy the contents. There’s a few stickers and a very nicely made pin-badge too. The package was the icing on an already delicious cake, as the comic itself is what really shines.

I don’t normally describe the physical attributes of the books I review, but what I found absolutely amazing about Displaced was the quality of the paper it’s printed on. That alone spoke to me of the passion and pride that has been put into this project and it made me appreciate the contents of the pages all the more. It’s not a quick job that’s purely being used as a ‘cash-cow’ this is something that is completely at the heart of the author and it shows.

Anyway, onto the story. In the first issue of Displaced we follow the harrowing events that change Eliza’s life from every-day school girl and plunge her into the unknown. The story is easy to follow even with the turns that it takes. The focus of the first issue is on the relation Eliza has with her brother, Johnathan, and, to a certain extent, the rest of the family. Eliza and Jonathan have a close relationship and you can tell that they care deeply about one another. The reader is shown a fast-paced, set-up that has events of humanity, family life and how quickly they can be turned upside down and into the unknown. It’s a solid introduction to the main character and her upcoming trials, while leaving enough room to leave the reader guessing and, in my case at least, wanting more. Especially considering the hard-hitting ending!

I don’t think it’s fair to give all the praise to the author however as Jeferson Sadzinski, the illustrator/graphic artist behind the visuals of Displaced has done a fantastic job. Having just been introduced to his work, I am now a keen fan. I appreciate his heavy use of black as shadows and the hard, block colouring he has applied throughout the comic. I found the colour palette of choice easy on the eyes and the lighter, muted handling of the background allowed the figures to take the centre-stage.

I am eager to read more of Displaced and find out what dark-future Eliza is heading for. I readily admit that I am no expert at how comics are put together but I know what I find enjoyable and Displaced is certainly it.


Displaced offers a slice-of-life story that goes drastically wrong for reasons yet to be properly revealed. A fantastically produced independent comic that is superbly written and hosts some great aesthetics featuring a specific colour-tone palette and hard blacks. A great introductory first issue that I am looking forward to continue reading as and when it’s published.

4 responses to “Displaced#1: Left to Die – Kevin Hamilton, Jeferson Sadzinski, et-al”

    • I hope so too.
      I’ll have to check in with the author and see if they’ve written any more/done any more work on it.
      I enjoy a graphic novel every now and again, takes me back.

      Thanks a lot for commenting~


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