Fangirl Feature: FWDraconis

This week’s Fangirl Feature is from FWDraconis

Hobby showcase! Share with us: Your favourite images.

Can you give us a brief introduction of who you are and what you do with your hobby?

I had always painted models when I was a kid, tanks, airplanes, etc. and have always been artistic so when I came to the 40k in early 2019 I immediately enjoyed the modeling aspect of it. I have always been an introvert and kind of a loner so 40k has also been a way for me to meet people. I’ve made so many friends in person and over social media thanks to gaming. It’s really been a way to indulge my creative side. I have an art degree but have a hard time keeping motivation to paint or draw but miniatures? I just can’t get enough of them. I’m obsessed!

How did you first get into the hobby?

It was very random but I was following someone on Twitter and they posted a poll question about which models they should paint next and “Skitarii squad” was one option. Not knowing what skitarii were but thinking, “that’s a cool word” I looked it up and eventually bought my first Start Collecting box, Skitarii, of course.

Which army/collection do you most identify with? Is this the army that you collect?

My first love is Adeptus Mechanicus. I think the whole religious take on the Cult Mechanicum, tech-priests and the Omnissiah, the Machine God, it’s just fun and weird. The design of the army in 40k and especially 30k is so great too. Steampunk cyborgs but also they’re horrible nightmares. As much as I love the Mechanicum, Nurgle’s disciples are the most fun to paint. I also have Death Guard and Maggotkin armies.

Which aspect of the hobby do you enjoy the most? 

I love playing and meeting new people and I know it will never come to an either or thing but if I could only do one aspect of the hobby it would be modeling and painting. I play some Bloodbowl online, which is nice due to restrictions from Covid. The lore is great too. I’ve read several of the Heresy books and some of the 40k specific ones. 

When did you first get into the hobby?

I started playing 40k in May or June of 2019. My first game was just about 750 points with my newly assembled and painted Skitarii start collecting box.

What is the worst and/or best luck you have ever had in a game?

I lose almost every game (and have a blast doing it) so I probably have mostly bad luck. My worst luck is usually something like a Kastelan robot exploding and taking out a good chunk of my army because they’re packed too tight. My best luck was probably an Onager holding off a maulerfiend for much longer than it should have, and surviving.

Is there a model that you really like but have hated painting?

Honestly, no. I really enjoy painting. Batch painting can get tedious sometimes but by now I have enough plastic to switch to something else for a break.

What is your fondest hobby memory? 

Getting on Hobby Roundup a few weeks back was really cool. I think it helped me get more involved with the community too and that has been great.

Is there a model in your collection that you’re particularly proud of? Did you use it in your hobby showcase?

Mortarian. First off, I think he is the most beautiful model in the 40k line. I love him. Since he was a Primarch I decided I was going to go all out when I painted him. I did everything as heavy metal as I could and exactly followed the Games Workshop painting tutorial. It is the most challenging and rewarding model I’ve done and he’s still my favourite and yes I included him in this Hobby Showcase.

When you’re going through an inevitable hobby burn-out, what re-inspires you to pick up the hobby again?

I’m probably a bit obsessive about painting so I don’t experience burn-out too much but it does lead to exhaustion sometimes. The nice thing about 40k is if I don’t want to paint I can read lore, or watch a battle report or do photoshoots with my minis. Not to mention all the distractions of a job, home, yard and dogs that help me round out my time. I’m glad to have a hobby that I always want to be working on, even though I need short breaks here and there. My painting and drawing was never like that. 

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your hobby?

Like everyone I miss playing. I haven’t played since early March and I haven’t seen any of my new friends either (thank goodness for social media). I am able to pop into the local game shop and pick things up when I need to so that’s nice. I have painted a lot, started some new factions and have paid a little more attention to the wider community. I entered a painting competition and am planning on doing Armies on Parade. I guess in the absence of gaming I have focused on some of the other aspects of the hobby.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Only that I appreciate all the people out there on social media who have followed, encouraged and shared my hobby with me. We are part of a supportive community and it’s the kind of positivity a lot of us need these days.

Many thanks to FWDraconis for taking the time to answer these questions for the rewritten Fangirl Feature this week and being a ‘guinea pig’ for the new questions!

You can find FWDraconis on Twitter and Instagram

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