New daemons?

It’s been a while since I shared some actual hobby on here, but recent conversations have inspired both Lord Commander Eloth and I to pick up some new things and try and get cracking on with our hobbies again – his updates will probably be a bit more exciting, involving a new army and all that! I’ve throughly enjoyed painting anything and everything involving Chaos Daemons when I’ve tackled them before and the way that I approach expanding the army is done in a purely self-indulgent way (buying whatever daemon-esque model I like the look of) so when getting some new models as a treat came up in conversation, I brought a pack of Tzaangors – I think they’re quirky looking guys and will help expand the Tzeentch part of the Daemon Army.

I have an idea of how to get them to fit with The Changeling that’s already been painted too. I’m looking forward to tackling them when they’re all stuck together and base sprayed (which looking at the weather forecast won’t be for a while!)

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