Corvus Corax

Powering through the Primarchs. Two finished in the same week, it’s unheard of! I have a poll over on Twitter for the next one and at the moment Khan of the White Scars is winning, that’ll be an interesting one to illustrate.

As for Corax, his wings were the most tricky part as they take up a lot of the canvas space and effect the image compositionally too. But it was great to be able to attempt something a bit more dynamic with the flight. My idea for these was to draw each of them in some sort of ‘hero pose’ all simple images in a lot of respects. I’ll be continuing that theme with the next lot of these too.

I think with Corax I am now over the half way point with these pictures. With a mixture of both loyalist and heretics. I am looking forward to the next half with some interesting and challenging figures in the mix – Fulgrim, Russ and Mortarion, for example.

I have another series in mind after this one. An A-Z of chapters, if you will. Lots of work involved in that series too and hopefully, just as fun. But, I’d like to get the Primarchs finished first.

3 responses to “Corvus Corax”

  1. You’ve done a great job on him, I’m really enjoying this series. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Khan – probably my favourite of the loyalist primarchs. I’m trying to remember what you’ve done with previous traitors and my memory is failing so apologies if you’ve already shown this, but how are you planning to do the daemon primarchs like Mortarion and Fulgrim – in their pre-treachery human forms or full deamonic?


    • Thank you very much, I am happy to hear that you’re liking the series.
      I’m having a small break from Warhammer drawing, but intend on drawing Khan first thing on Monday morning as I am looking forward to drawing him. He’s got a unique flair to his style.

      I’ve not drawn Fulgrim or Mortarion yet. I’d like to go with their regular/Space Marine forms first so that they work with the rest of the series, after the series has finished though I’d like to revisit them in their more… unusual offerings

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