Demigryph Knight

I’ve had these fine gentlemen on the painting desk for a while now and they’re too pretty to leave them unpainted for too long.

Last night I managed to finish up the Champion of the 3 man unit.

Originally, I tried to take the photographs in the light-box, but they looked really bleached out. So, because the day was pretty flat on light levels I took some outside and they looked much better. Praise the sun! \o/

Obviously, I am yet to do the bases. I know what I’d like to achieve with the bases – an autumnal, European woodland effect. But I am currently unsure how to go about it and need to give myself some time to do a test base or two first to try out a few ideas that I have half-formed.

Regardless, it’s nice to be able to update my hobby blog again in the attempt to get back into the painting side of things.

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