The first of many?

I managed to get a ‘test’ base done for my Demigryph Knight/Cities of Sigmar army. After deliberating and twiddling my thumbs over how to do the base since I started the army, I finally took the plunge and gave one a go.

I think it turned out rather nicely, if I do say so myself!

It was a pretty simple process in the end.

Stick on dried bark from a tree.
Use PVA glue to stick sand/grit on the base, when dry coat it black.
Dry Brush is in various browns.
Stick on Flock/Static grass.
After using a hole-punch on some leaves from GreenStuffWorld stick them on the base.
Add some painted mushrooms
Add some longer tufts of grass

I have another two Demigryph Knights to finish off which are currently on the painting table, so I’ll try and work on them next – and get their bases done too.

Then it’ll be finishing off some hand-gun dudes, great swords…

The only sticking point I have for the army is the riders of the deer, still not sure how to paint them. Maybe I should expand that section of the army? That might give me some ideas on how to paint what I already have.

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