And on forever

Well, half term week is finally over and as such I feel like I can sit down with a brew and update the blogs again.

Hobby stuff has been a bit thin on the ground, mostly because the kiddo has been off school and as such I’ve had to spend a lot more time entertaining him. We’ve been playing trains, lego, Minecraft, watching childrens TV and going out on walks in between rain-storms (Which seem to have passed now that half-term is over!)

Cities of Sigmar

I did managed to get across to Element Games though and pick up a rather large model for my Cities of Sigmar army. I don’t know why, but I was struck with the sudden fear that the army might be updated and this model taken off the shelves. Considering it’s meant to be the central piece to my entire army, that would be tragic!

So while the other half played Minecraft with the kiddo I stole a bit of time to stick the model together. I’ve not put the reigns on yet as I’d like to be able to paint the rider and beastie separately. I have a couple of ideas for the beastie, but need to do a bit of research into how to paint he bird part of it. The armour will echo the other Demigryph Knights. The cat, I am tempted to try something ironic like… a calico!


I also managed to base spray the Tzaangors finally. We must have had 5 minutes of not rain and not windy enough to blow models over for me to do this in. I’m still not quite sure what colour scheme to paint these in yet, but upon seeing some very nice yellows recently I think some contrast yellow might be involved.

Book reviews

Also, I have posted a review of my latest read up on Eternal Bookcase, so if Science-Fiction Thrillers are your sort of thing, please check it out. This book review is for The Minders by John Marrs.

Other stuff

Ugh, personal talk. Recently I’ve been told I am suffering from anxiety. The Drs wasn’t that helpful when it came to what I can do about it other than ‘Be more mindful of my feelings’ so I have been doing a bit of thinking and reflecting on my thoughts regarding a few things in life. Primarily my art, actually. How it makes me feel when I finish a picture and if it’s really ‘right’ for my anymore. As a result of this, I’m taking a bit of a break from it again to try and focus on some other hobbies that I enjoy; mainly, The Hobby. But also playing Video Games again and getting back into the enjoyment of them. Which leads me onto…

Video Gaming

I spent a portion of this weekend reinstalling Windows on Lord Commander Eloths laptop – let’s just say it was being a little bitch about everything – but unfortunately due to this we lost access to my Steam Account (Old email address that I can’t access to get the security code, don’t have details for the email account to access it, bleh, nightmare) so we kinda shrugged it off and decided to treat ourselves to a new game instead of crying over spilt milk – we only used the account to play Deathwatch anyway. The game we brought is; Surviving the Aftermath. A strategy/simulation game that reminds me very much of the tabletop game Dead of Winter.

On the surface it’s your general run of the mill strategy game where you have to build up and improve your base; we’re only just starting out so not sure how well we are doing yet!

Onto of that you’ve got ‘natural’ disasters (Heat waves, Meteor showers) that try and ruin your colony as well as survivors that would like to join and interim quests & events that might help or hinder your survivors survivability.

So far it’s been a great game to try and learn and get to grips with and it’s been nice to play something together and argue about the choices that are to be made!

3 responses to “And on forever”

    • Thanks John.
      On all accounts.
      Glad you like the models, I’m looking forward to splashing some paint on them!
      I think at the moment it’s a case of taking it all one day at a time and working out what works and what doesn’t.

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