One down, one to go

Cities of Sigmar

Just a quick update from last night. I managed to get the layers on one of the remaining Demigrpyh Knights. I’ll do a bit of work on the layers of the remaining Knight today and hopefully get them based and finished off soon so I can photograph them all together as a unit. They’ve been fun models to work on and not nearly as terrifying as I thought they would be.

Other Stuff

At the end of last week, I applied to volunteer at the local charity shop. I thought this might help me get out of the house in a productive way while ticking a few other boxes in my personal life. Getting some time away from family so that I can be my own person again and not just ‘Mummy Jenn.’ Unfortunately, the next day lockdown was announced and the shop I applied for will remain closed. Hopefully, things will return to normal after this lockdown/Christmas and I’ll be able to go then instead!

3 responses to “One down, one to go”

    • Thanks a lot.
      I’ll get to work on the last one shortly.

      It’s a waiting game, that’s for sure.
      Hopefully the world will all have a bit of ‘normal’ again soon.
      (Whatever that is)

      Thanks for commenting.

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