Demigryph Knights

Cities of Sigmar

As fun as these models have been to paint, they’ve been a real pain to photograph!

I’ve managed to finish off the Demigryph Knights for my Cities of Sigmar army this week and I admit I am chuffed to ribbons with how they’ve turned out. They’ve been great models to work on and not as tricky as I thought they might be.

Up next I am going to work on my hand-gunners. They are already based and washed so it’ll just be a case of layering them and doing the bases – which probably won’t be quite as detailed as these ones are considering they are a fair bit smaller!

The mushrooms on the bases are super adorable and from a company called Spellcrow, I get the feeling I’ll be needing some more of these in the near future as I’ve a fair few other big bases to cover with the rest of the army.

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