Back on the Marines

It feels like a while since I updated the blog again – mostly I’ve been reading and sharing reviews on the book blog, but I was determined to get something done over the weekend. In between doing bits and bobs for the Sunday dinner I managed to start a base for an Age of Sigmar Stormcast from the Paint-a-thon last year – when he’s finished I’ll share him properly.

Other than that, thanks to reading Tales of Heresy as part of my paired read with Dave, I have been inspired to pick up my Space Marines again – which I’ve not looked at since adding a couple of models from the Indomitus.

It felt amazing to be at the painting desk again and whenever I get back at it I always wonder what made me stop. I think, with the time I am gaining back from drawing I shall invest into more hobby time – when I’m not reading of course!

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