New Year, Old Army

As Lord Commander Eloth has already reported, we saw the New Year in painting miniatures. Sometime earlier in the Christmas holidays we decided we should bring in 2021 painting some of our oldest miniatures. Our Bretonnians. We brought them as a momento of a disastrous holiday in Northumbria in which we camped in a very small tent that was meant to fit two people in, but in actuality could barely fit a chicken!

In old-hammer terms, this army we have could get to roughly 1000 points, if we gave the leader all the magic weapons and items possible! Although we’ve not played a game with them in a long time I do remember them being a lot of fun – but back then I struggled to paint models in a ‘I want these knights to look really bright and clean, but I am addicted to heavy washes and they don’t look how I want them too,’ way.

So, when we took them out of their box in the garage to display them in the new Christmas present cabinet we decided that Eloth should paint the Knights and I should paint the rest of the models as this would play to our strengths (and I could apply dirty washes to the peasants until my heart was content!)

In the evening sessions (roughly from about 8pm until midnight) I managed to get these seven guys based coated and washed.

It was decided that we didn’t want the men to have a set colour scheme in their cloth, but generally have a dour, dreary look to them – so that the Knights themselves could bring the colour.

But, I did think that the sergeant had a rather spectacular moustache that needed to be seen!

On top of the seven Men-at-Arms base coated and washed, I did get the silver and brown of their weapons base-coated in a ‘batch painting’ fashion. These guys aren’t the most inspiring models to paint, but once I got into the flow of doing them and picking out their individual ‘colour’ choices, they got a lot better. I think they’ll look rather ‘impressive’ in their own way. Nothing compared to their noble overlords, of course!

Painting these has made me miss big-blocks of rank and file infantry that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’m also powering through the second Sharpe novel, honest guv! The review for which will be on Eternal Bookcase before the end of the week!

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