Primaris Chaplain

I never actually thought I would end up with a Primaris Chaplain in my army. The Blood Guards chaplain, Uthor Exemplaris, was always suspicious of the unknown. Thus explaining his abhorrence of being reinforced with the Primaris and their Librarian.

When the call to arms for the defence of Baal came the Blood Guard, like many of the other Blood Angels successors, answered. In the interim, their bat-shit insane Chapter Master came out of his reverie – with the aid of the shunned Librarian – and took charge from Uthor who has been the Chaplain-Master of the Blood Guard for the longest time.

Loghain, the Chapter Master was one of the many casualties of war on Baal and Uthor was heavily wounded. His body was recovered by Apothecary Xerxes and returned to the Battle Barge Divine Pursuit where he was, unknowingly to him, Ascended and crossed the Rubicon Primaris.

Uthor Examplaris’ reaction to this drastic change, considering his vehemence for the Primaris, is yet to be recorded.

I’ve been meaning to work on my Blood Guard and fancied a change to the Assault Intercessors – I had no more excuses and had to bite the bullet and work on this Chaplain model; I had ‘canon’ reasons to have a Primaris Chaplain (And getting the Chaplain Biker for my birthday spurred me on) writing the above also prompts me to update the Blood Guard’s ‘official’ history document.

I’ve never been a fond painter of black, so base coated those areas Administratum Grey and did a quick Contrast Black over it, seems to have worked pretty well in my humble opinion.

I do need to find a way to thin my paints though as I think the cream areas look a little thick – any tips from hobbyists for this would be appreciated as the saying ‘Thin your paints’ gets slung around with no real offer of how to achieve that!

His skull helmet is also red, which is a little difficult to see in these pictures as the lighting proved to be a bit… dark. These are only as light as they are thanks to photoshop magic! I’ll see if I can get something better in some natural light soon.

4 responses to “Primaris Chaplain”

  1. I also use a little medium sometimes, though only if I’m adding a fair amount. I find that if you just want to minorly thin your paints you can put a little on a dry palette and have a dab of fresh water on the palette. They you can use that dab to fine tune the consistency of your paint. I don’t put a lot of paint on the palette because it tends to dry out; instead I adjust on the palette each time I dip into the paint pot.

    I’ve heard good things about wet palettes and despite owning one I have never made too much use of it. Mostly I keep it around for when I want to put a lot of paint on a model, such as when I was basing the skin and cloth on Frank’s Pig Demon, and I don’t want it to dry out on the palette.

    Your chaplain looks great. I love your highlights on the cloak. I wonder if a little gray highlighting on some of the black bits might really make them pop?

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