Assault Intercessor: Part 3 – Assault with a Vengeance.

Back on trying to get the Assault Intercessor unity finished today. Mostly because a lot of the other models I have either aren’t started or haven’t been sprayed due to the cold and wet weather. Still, progress is progress and I am happy to have been able to paint today. Lord Commander Eloth made me a wet-palette today out of an old take-away tub, grease-proof paper and a sponge.

It was an interesting thing to experiment with. I don’t know overall how much it improved my painting, but I felt better about some of the results. Especially around the purity seal and the feathering on the chest; which I’ve always found hard to get any details on without the paint betraying me and looking lumpy!

I now have five of these guys finished off. So I have a combat squad of them finished and half the unit done. Onto the next five now, then I can look to some of the other models in the Indomitus box.

7 responses to “Assault Intercessor: Part 3 – Assault with a Vengeance.”

  1. Nice marines. I think the paint scheme you chose has a simple, no nonsense elegance and I like them. Makes me want to bust out some of my primaris guys that have been seething in their box in eternal darkness trying to console themselves and drown out the sybaritic whisperings of certain of my pet daemons by telling themselves “at least we are assembled.”

    I’d be interested to see a group shot of your primaris marines when you get the box done. I bet they’ll look nice.

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    • Thank you very much for the compliments.
      I always avoided adding extra bits and bobs to my Marines as I always wanted them to be pretty plain, no-nonsense sort of dudes.
      You should, Primaris are so much fun to paint, I found the larger size to be a good ‘canvas’ compared to their smaller brethren.

      I shall make sure to tag you in (roughly) 2025 when I have them all finished off!!

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      • You’ve certainly succeeded in the “pretty plain, no-nonsense” department. 🙂 I do think the miniatures do lend themselves to that too.

        You are probably right, I should paint some of them. I’ve had it in the back of my mind to paint them in pre-Heresy Death Guard colors.

        Hahaha, sounds like you paint about as fast (maybe a little faster!) than I do.

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