Caw(daw) Blimey!

Whole enthusiasm for doing anything Necromunda related has died an untimely death thanks to Necromunda: Underhive Wars being a complete pile of disappointing turd, I did manage to get the leader of my Cawdor gang finished.

I think on of my hobby-goals for 2021 should be: Paint Less Red. Most (read all) of my armies are read and while it’s a trick I feel I do well, I also think it’s high-time I branched out into other paint-schemes!

This guy is the leader of my Cawdor gang, something about having a huge icon and an even bigger boom-stick is appealing. I don’t talk about composition of models much – mostly because I don’t convert very often (But Necromunda lends itself to it well) – but there’s something about this model that I feel… works!

Unfortunately, he was base coated at the same time as some of my other models and suffered from ‘glossy-wash’ syndrome. I don’t think it’s too bad on these guys cause they’re meant to be grimy and look a bit wet; like they’ve been down in the slime!

5 responses to “Caw(daw) Blimey!”

  1. Great stuff. Often models which are holding large guns one-handed look a bit off balance but you’ve got him spot on. I’m liking the grimy look as well, he looks as though he’s been grubbing around in the sump looking for holy artefacts like all good Cawdor should. 🙂

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