The Retinue Begins

I finished the first model for my Inquisitorial Retinue this week – and ticked a model from the backlog. These models are a rather fun to paint. I don’t want them all to look uniform or like an army, more a bunch of people pushed together in the name of the Emperor!

This is the first of the Inquisitorial Retinue to be finished and as all of the models are rather varied, I am looking forward to coming up with a new paint scheme for the rest of them. I know there is a Black Templar in the mixture, so he’ll be the easiest to come up with something for… I recall him having a very big shield too. And a mace. I might see if I can pick him up next. Black has certainly become more enjoyable since discovering Black Templar Contrast Paint.

I apologise for the quality of these photographs, looks like something went a bit funky in camera when I took them. I really should make more effort with them from here on out. I shall see if I can get the light box set up somewhere for regular use. I like yo use natural light where I can, but clearly, today wasn’t the best day for photographing miniatures – maybe I should make a ‘natural lightbox’ out of some slabs for regular use outside!

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