General on Gryphon

A slight break from book review posts! I’ve been working on this big beastie the past couple of days and finished him off today. Lord Commander Eloth took the day off for the kiddos birthday and we had a good old fashioned painting session while he was at school.

I am overall rather chuffed with how this turned out. The wings especially.

As with most animals for this army – coming from the realm of beasts and all that – I took inspiration from some of the ‘beasts’ in our world and looks at photographs of Barn Owls for colour and patterns. They’re such beautiful birds and this model is certainly showing off in the ‘Wings’ department so doing something other than basing off a real bird felt like a tragic waste!

The wings aren’t an entirely accurate depiction of a Barn Owls, but that’s the source of the inspiration for them.

I am actually really pleased with a lot of how this model turned out and feel like I have ‘levelled up’ when it comes to this army as a whole!

I’ll just have to wait until autumn comes again so I can make some more leaves for the bases as this monster of a base used up my last lot! Still, gives me a bit of breathing room to paint some more members of the army – and an excuse to get some more Space Marines done… hurrah…

18 responses to “General on Gryphon”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous painting Jenn – the wings are stunning, but I’m also loving the peach tones on the talons, and the contrast of the rich reds & purples of the rider with the naturalistic tones of the feathers is just perfect… Superb job mate 👍👍👍

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