Is that a big sword on your back…?

I just realised I’ve not painted his helmet lenses… oof. I’ll go back and do that right after this post!

I think what’s irking me about Space Marines is they’ve got some really nice looking models out there – like this particular chap, but I just can’t get them to work out properly for my Army. I feel pretty lost with them as a whole at the moment and I can’t quite connect with them on the level that I used to; there’s just not the pull that used to spark me off as it once did, so I feel like I rush them and end up making silly, little mistakes – like forgetting eye lenses.

I’m being needlessly harsh on myself, as I am reasonably happy with how this guy turned out, despite the niggles I’m having. It might just be a case of having a small break from them (As previously mentioned) and painting up something else instead.

13 responses to “Is that a big sword on your back…?”

    • I think it’s more a case that personal skills don’t match up with the vision in my head!!
      I’ll try and be less of a perfectionist in the future and try to write a post that says; ‘You know what, this model is awesome and looks perfect!’

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  1. Looks fine to me Jenn, but I know what you mean… Like all modern GW plastics, the model is technically brilliant, but for me, that means I only relate to the new stuff at a technical level rather than an emotional one… I wonder if that is what you’re missing?
    Try taking a spare standard Marine & chopping it up, gluing bits on, adding battle damage, etc. & then see if that’s more fun to paint 😉

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  2. Like Alex the figure looks fine to me but sometimes a change is as good as a rest and sometimes we just move on. The only thing I think really matters is that you enjoy what you do. I would also add that we are all our own worst critics. I’ve been painting for more years than a care to remember and so far I’ve never done a figure I couldn’t find fault with! 🙂

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  3. I’m bad for this too, but I think you’re being hard on yourself. Tbh, out of the Judiciar builds and painting jobs I’ve seen since Indomitus launched, I think this is my favorite take on the model.

    I think for me it’s gonna mean just mixing up painting with other aspects of the hobby so that I can feel better about painting when I do it or feel excited. But…anyway, hope the niggles and such subside!


    • Thank you very much for the high praise.
      It’s an odd model because there’s a lot going for it but at the same time the original head option is criminal!

      We’re creatives.
      We’re all hard on ourselves when things don’t always pan out the way we imagine.
      Thank you for the encouragement and I’ll still be doing ‘hobby’ stuff, but maybe leaving the Marines alone for a while
      (And seeing as GW has recently announced and/or released Witch Hunter related goodness, the break from Marine requirements has come at a good time!

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      • That’s legit! Sometimes taking a break can be good, or yeah, changing up subjects to something else. If I paint the same thing consecutively for too long it drives me crazy. Congrats on Witch Hunter stuff!


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