An update on all ‘things’

The Easter Holidays are now over, they felt like the longest two weeks going – not entirely sure why – and it feels like I have accomplished next to nothing, so I wanted to write this blog update to reassess where I am at with various things.

Book Reading/Reviewing

Maybe picking up a 800+ page book during the Easter Holidays wasn’t the brightest idea. I am currently at 61% of my current read: Mathias Thulmann: Witch Hunter. I am hoping to be able to push through the remains of it early this week. So that I can pick up Prospero Burns with Dave and get the Horus Heresy reads back on track – as I feel it’s currently myself that’s holding us back. Sorry.

After that I have the next Sharpe book to be getting on with!

And of course a spattering of other books I’d like to read and reread.

And NetGalley.

Miniature Painting

I was very lucky to get a copy of the newly released (and somehow now vanished) Cursed City. What has happened to this since released has been a bit of a conundrum – the boxed game has vanished from the GW website and there seems to be something a bit hush-hush about it.

But. Getting the models put together and organised it my current hobby focus – as well as cracking on an finishing off my backlog of models before I put any new ones together and… honestly… just thinking about the heaps of things I have left to do in the hobby department makes me feel like hiding under a rock for a few weeks and hoping that the miniature painting fairies appear!

To be honest, Warhammer Total War 2 has been taking over a lot of the hobby-reserved time and it’s been nice to take a bit of a break from the hobby desk; I’ll be back at it soon, have no fear!


I’ve been chipping away at writing this particular story – the bigger story arc of it all is being tackled sooner than I thought it would. I am currently a whooping half way through the first chapter. I’m adding a few hundred words to it a day and I’ll share the first chapter of it all (As it currently stands) with you as soon as I have it written and edited. It’s an enjoyable project and I do confess it has been occupying my mind the most these past few days.

Other ‘stuff’

I’m going to spend a bit of time sorting out email backlog and catching up on WordPress posts now that I have a bit more free time as well, as I am certain that I’ve missed out on a lot of awesome too.

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