Hobbying along.

I thought I’d share my more recent hobby attempts! It feels like it’s been a while again and, as always, trying to get back into the flow of hobbying.

Daemons of Chaos

I got a test model done for my Tzaangor unit; these are allies for my Daemons of Chaos army – which is added to on a ‘that daemon model looks amazing’ basis!

There are things I am happy with and things that I am looking to change/improve on. I’d like this army/collection to be really vibrant and colourful. So for me the pink isn’t quite vibrant enough; I’ve looked at ways to change that for the next model – using a contrast pink over a base of Fulgrim Pink. Rather than a pink wash over white that’s been layered. I’m happy with the yellow and orange though, I think that’s pretty eye-catching.

Cities of Sigmar

For this army, I am relentlessly adding to my painting pile and stuck together a unit of Dreadspears.

When the weather has stopped being grey and rainy, I shall spray them up, blu-tack them on bases and put them in a display cupboard while I work on the rest of my painting list!

Other things

Lord Commander Eloth and I have been getting to grips with playing Cursed City – we’ve played through the tutorials and attempted our first game. The game didn’t finish as the evening got a bit too late, but I think we’re well on the way to understanding the gameplay now and I’m looking forward to finishing a journey properly later in the week.


I am currently reading Cursed City by CL Werner; which I am a good 75% of the way through now, so I’m hoping to get a review written for it this week.

And, I am also reading Propsero Burns, with Dave and Spalanz. I’m only up to Chapter 3 though, so no much to report for that yet, other than I am pleased to have two buddy readers on board for this one!

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