Stormblood Guard

I have felt my hobby inspiration leaning more towards Age of Sigmar as of late – mostly due to reading more fantasy books than 40k ones. Rather than make up my own Stormhost I thought I’d look for an official one. When looking through a list of Stormhosts, I found one called the Stormblood Guard and well; considering my 40k Space Marine homebrew how could I say no to that!?

I was kindly given a Stormcast at my local GW and painted them up as a test model for the paint scheme.

To be fair, the paint scheme has launched me right back into my comfort zone. Not that I’m complaining!

It’ll be nice to get my teeth into a smaller project for them – I figure them being a small force to go alongside my Cities of Sigmar army – hopefully, they’ll do the job and get me back into the swing of hobbying again.

And, if they don’t then these two might!

She S

The lady at the back looks a little funny as she’s going to be wearing a hat, but I was given some good advice of ‘Paint her head/face before you stick her hat on.’

11 responses to “Stormblood Guard”

  1. That colour scheme is fantastic for Stormcasts – nothing wrong with being in your comfort zone if you’re enjoying it and the results look this good. 🙂


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