Hyperion Dreams – Edgar Asimov Poe

Title: Hyperion Dreams
Author: Edgar Asimov Poe
Published by: Independently published
Publication date: 24th Jun 2021
Genre: Sci-Fi
Pages: 78
Format: eBook
Source: Voracious Readers Only

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What happens when Isaac Asimov and Edgar Allan Poe get together?
Your Next Technothriller!
Hyperion is a young—obsessed with the truth—blockchain engineer, working on the most promising technology of the century.
When he starts having hyper-realistic dreams, he enlists the help of the best psychiatrist on the planet, and his brilliant co-worker, a renowned hacker.
The truth should set him free, but he has to find it first…


Rating: 1 out of 5.

DNF 38%

I was given a copy of Hyperion Dream’s by Voracious Readers Only, many thanks for my copy and I hope you find this review acceptable.

Upfront and honest part first. Although this was a book I felt determined to finish as it was so short, I got to 38% and put it down. Any book that breaks the 4th wall to patronise me and call me ‘Dear Reader’ needs chucking out of a window into a wet puddle – sadly, this was an ebook and that would have broken my Kindle, so it got deleted instead.

I was willing to overlook the fact that the author has named themselves after the ‘greats’ of literary fiction as the synopsis sounded interesting; giving the impressions of an Inception-like application to reality.

Instead, I was bombarded with wishy-wash explanations of Bitcoin, some rather poorly written combat scenes in virtual reality and cave-man type tribal dreams that we’re beyond the abilities of my brain to accept – despite them being dreams.

There was something off with the quality of writing with this book also. Unfinished clauses that left me wondering what I had missed. Poorly written sentences that ran on into eternity. There was a lack of polish to the writing style that left me exacerbated with the whole experience. It was really difficult to follow and while I understand there was meant to be a blur between dreams and reality, there was no grounding in either space of existence for me to make any headway into understanding what was happening.

The dialogue between Hyperion, the main character and his co-worker, Boolan, felt flat and lacked any real sense of personality. Hyperion feels the loss of a co-worker and friend keenly, but I didn’t even feel there was any connection between the two characters. Boolan has three screens for working on his tech-codes with. One for work, one for something else and the other for pornography. While at work. For a company. I should have stopped at this point because all this book reads as at this point is a pretentious, philosophical wank-fantasy!

Then… it happened. The fourth wall broke and I was addressed as ‘Dear Reader.’ At this point, I had no clue what was going on with the plot, the main character, reached out of his world and patronised me. Not in my reading time, buddy!


Nope. This one wasn’t for me. Sorry.

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