Chimera’s Fire (Chimera Project #1) – S.H Steel

Title: Chimera’s Fire
Author: S. H Steel
Published byDream Write Publishing
Publication date: 31st March 2020
Genre: Spy Thriller
Pages: 41
Format: eBook
Source: BookTasters

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Project Chimera has been targeted and it is up to the three members of this elite intelligence agency to clear their names and bring justice to those who mean to do them harm.

River Murphy – Shapeshifter
Verity Monroe – Invisibility
Clark Hudson – Truth Manipulator

They each make up the Chimera team. Using their abilities on covert missions, they keep the world safe.

Chimera’s Fire is told in River’s perspective and follows the team as they work to solve a murder that hits close to home.

Can they keep themselves safe and live to tell the tale?


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was given a copy of Chimera’s Fire by author S. H Steel, organised by the Twitter page Booktasters. I am grateful for the organisation and for the chance to read this book in return for an honest review.

Chimera’s Fire is the first in this series of five short novels from S. H. Steel. Following the antics of the ‘Chimera Project.’ A group of three supernaturally talented young adults drafted to work for the corporation NEXUS to do all sorts of ‘spy’ type work; espionage, infiltration and assassination.

When I say this book is short, I mean it. At a mere 41 pages from start to finish. Presented through the point of view of River, a shapeshifter. Starting off during one Project Chimera’s mission, the book plunges the reader right into the heart of the book with no preamble. We’re introduced to the characters and their individual personalities quickly through the use of imaginative, entertaining dialogue. Giving a clear picture into not only their unique abilities but also what drives them as people. Their introductions were nicely paced with the rest of the book and nothing felt out of place, considering their growth further on.

The plot is really straight-forward. Someone close to the team is murdered and those remaining have to figure out why. Chimera’s Fire is a supernatural whodunnit with very little in the ways of mystery; it’s pretty clear cut who did the crime with swift resolution to the groups conflict. This isn’t overly a bad thing, but it does leave the reader feeling somewhat deflated overall; one of the best things about thrillers is the ‘guessing game’ that the reader plays as the story is revealed. Chimera’s Fire doesn’t have the page length to offer any real conundrum to solve. As the soon as the murder is brought to light, the very next chapter has the team solving the case.

Returning a moment to discuss the characters, they are a lot of fun. River is something of a joker, Clark a bit of an old-fashioned womaniser and Verity is a hot-headed firecracker! They make for a captivating team to read about. Having said that the characters are overly deep and leave a lot of room left to be explored in future books in the series – which are all just as short (if not shorter) than this one.

I think what is left out in terms of depth for both characters and plot is compensated for in fast pacing; this is an exciting novella that doesn’t skimp in the action department. Seeing the characters using their powers makes up for the lack of knowing the source of them. I am intrigued to know more about the characters, their powers and their setting and I am sure younger readers who pick up this book will get even more enjoyment from it than I did. It’s an immersive book that doesn’t require the reader to go to any great lengths to figure it all out – sometimes, just what the brain needs!

My only, unfortunate, complaint is that Chimera’s Fire could have done with one last proof read. There were quite a few spelling/typo errors that threw me out of the desired level of disbelief. As such I found my reading and enjoyment flow thrown off.


All-in-all not a bad book. A short, fast-paced thriller with very little in the way of complexity with the plot. It’s very straight-forward in it’s makings. Very interesting conceptually hosting some cleverly presented characters. It would have benefitted from another proof read to clear up the spelling errors and improve the overall flow of the narrative.

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