And the beat goes on.

It has been a while since I got the urge to do any miniature painting, but as with everything, it comes back around and the brushes get picked up again and project continue as though the time off never happened!

Today, I continued work on the Stormblood Guard in the form of the Easy to Build Celestar Ballista. I am a big fan of the Easy to Build kits, they’re so nice to part assemble and paint.

These didn’t take that long to finish off, as the base colours were mostly there so it was a case of layering and doing the bases.

For the rest of the small Stormcast Eternal force, I have some Protectors and Lord Aquilor to put together and paint up. As well as a Knight Vexillor to paint up. I didn’t want this to be a mega-force or anything, but a smaller side project to help re-inspire me for the hobby. So far, it seems to be working!

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