Infrared – 3

We went on a nice family walk to the Smithills Estate, owned by the Woodland Trust, this weekend. I’ve been intending to pick up the camera again for a while but somehow never really got round to it. I was going to take my Nikon, but because it has been in the cupboard for so long the battery was flat. As was the spare. And, so was my ancient Canon 20Ds. So, all I had running was my Canon Powershot A630; my infrared camera. These were all taken with an IR720 Filter.

It’s always a fun little camera to take out and play with as the results are often somewhat quirky! It’s nice to have a fun little toy to enjoy!

I’d very much like to get out more with the camera – especially the Infrared one – and feel like I can let go and enjoy myself with it.

I know there are a fair few trips planned for the Summer Holidays, so if I possibly can, I’ll be taking some sort of lens based device with me.

11 responses to “Infrared – 3”

    • Thank you very much.
      I don’t use the infrared for miniatures no.. maybe I should try that as an experiment one day!!
      For the miniatures, I either use my iphone or a DSLR, depending on how much effort I feel like putting into them!

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