IR: Mablethorpe

Having been away from home for the past week, I took the chance to take a few pictures with the Infrared camera – I didn’t snap as much as I thought, because we were so busy doing other things – like playing on the beach, going to the circus, carbooting, geocaching and spending all my money in the amusements, that photography took a bit of a back seat! I did manage to get a couple of pictures though.

Hopefully, there will be more to come now that we are home and I can dedicate a bit more time doing just ‘one’ thing – although this won’t actually be the case because there’s always more than one thing to do!

12 responses to “IR: Mablethorpe”

      • I had no idea that this wasn’t a thing elsewhere!
        It’s where people load up their cars with unwanted stuff, drive to a field (or other venue) set up a stall and try and sell it, a bit like a large scale yard sale with multiple people selling things.
        It must be a British thing?

        Ill see if I can find some pictures and share them/write a post about it!

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    • It’s where a load of different people put a heap of junk in their car, drive to a field and set up a stall to sell it!
      A bit like multiple yard sales all happening in the same place.
      They’re a lot of fun and you can pick up some bargains! (Unsurprisingly, I brought a pile of books.)

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      • Oh, that is pretty interesting, thanks. 🙂 The churches, near where I live, do that a lot in the summer.

        Hope you found some fun books.

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  1. In Australia we call it a car boot sale, the first I heard of it was when my two girls were in Primary school, about twenty years ago ,so its been around down here for a long time , love the photos Jenn,very unusual!


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