IR: Rossendale Way

I’m not 100% sure if the name of the location for these photographs is correct, but I kept seeing signposts with this route marked out while walking, so I figured it’d fit!

These were taken while out on a family walk near the three reservoirs in the area. Much fun was had by all, but sadly the batteries ran out on my Infrared Camera part way through the walk (so I switch to my colour compact instead, which I shall share later in the week after editing/sorting through them)

I feel like I am getting a real ‘taste’ for this while infrared malarkey! Like most hobbies, it is addictive and I am looking at trying to fit some more in or figuring out if I can make a camera upgrade (Or if I feel I need too.) Mostly, I am just happy to be behind a camera again and sharing my snaps! I did a little photoediting on the last one to remove the dust mark as it was far, far too distracting.

Infrared Photography looks best in with bright blue skies on a full-sunshine day (The complete opposite of miniature photography!) but because I live near Manchester, these days are few and far between so I’ll take what I can get in terms of weather and days out with the camera!!

This was a fantastic location with a lot to discover and look at! It helped because the kiddo was entertained by another hobby (Again, a post later on in the week about that) and we will certainly be going back now that we have figured out some of the walking routes and won’t need to do any back-tracking – all part of the adventure I know. It would be nice to be able to go back during a brighter day too, to see the stronger sunlight effects Infrared Photography has on the water. (I think it turns it really dark!?)

8 responses to “IR: Rossendale Way”

  1. Great pictures.
    My 2cents would be to be VERY careful about buying any upgrades to your cameras until you can decide if this is a new hobby phase or just a passing interest that you’ll be done with in a year or so 🙂

    On a side note, how much storage space do you get on the blog? I know good quality photos can eat up space like a hungry teenager!

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    • This is exactly wat I am cautious of. I’m looking at upgrades, but nothing to expensive or flashy – it’s purely a case of, ‘If only I had this same kit that offered more mega-pixels’
      Then again, I resize the photographs and only use them for the blog, so I’m not even sure of the logic behind that!!

      As for storage, I am currently on 7.4% of 13gb. So I am okay for the time being – I resize and lower the quality of photographs (and art work) before putting them on here, so I don’t burn through storage space.

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