Has anyone else heard of this strange passtime?

It’s where you download an App on your phone, which leads you to the middle of no where to look for dirty, usually wet, containers. In which you find a log-book to sign, sometimes a little toy of some description – which you swap for another toy you’ve taken with you – and sometimes an insect, slug or something equally ‘gross.’ You then put it all back for the next Geocacher to find!

It’s a passtime that we have taken to doing to encourage the kiddo to enjoy going out on walks more often and it’s working a treat! We’ve been out most days looking for some of the boxes/caches in the local area and even found new places to walk in order to try and discover the treasures!

While out and about, I also take the camera with me and do a spot of that too. It’s been really nice being able to get out and about, discovering new places while partaking in a couple of different hobbies. In the future, I’ll probably combine a few post-types together (Photography, exploration/walking & geocaching) but I wanted to see if any of my fellow bloggers on here also took part in this particular hobby and if you do, did you find anything exciting on your travels?

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  1. I learned about geocaching in the late 90s when we were out on a hike in southern Maine, around Yarmouth, I think, when I saw a little plastic green box that was open and a couple of little toys and a couple of shiny pennies scattered on the forest floor nearby. There was also a crumpled up bit of waterproofed paper that gave a set of coordinates and said that one should not move the container and if you take stuff out then put something back in.

    We went home after that and after a little poking around online I learned about geocaching.

    Ah how I miss the sound of those old-timey modems connecting; that noise made me salivate like Pavlov’s dog! *woof* 🙂

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  2. Yeah, I’ve come across a few of these out and about. My first experiences of it really weren’t good ones (working on nature reserves and finding troops of – generally innocent but ignorant – enthusiasts tramping through colonies of rare birds because someone thought that would be a great – albeit illegal – place to hide a geochach). Once I got over that and discovered how widespread it is I’ve grown to like it, not something I’m all that interested in doing myself but so long as people are responsible about it it seems like a harmless hobby that gets people out in the countryside. I’ve grown quite fond of spotting the odd plastic box shoved under a bush up in the hills. 

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  3. Wow Jenn I have never heard of it and never seen any but I suppose in a country the size of ours one would be walking and hunting for days before you found one ! very interesting though and quite a clever thing to do !


  4. Catching up on emails after a deployment… Yep, I’ve heard of it, and even set some caches out. There is a merit badge for Boy Scouts over here that is all about Geocaching. Hunted for quite a few! It sure i a good way to get kids motivated to go exploring.


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