8 Years of Blogging

WordPress kindly informed me that I have been with them for 8 years now. Prior to this I was hosted on Blogger, but I found that the interface, options and community didn’t really have what I was looking for, so I moved over to WordPress – it feels far superior.

Initially my blog was really just a place to ‘dump’ my thoughts and some of my early posts are pretty cringe-worthy, but they were a document of my Fangirling ways and a means for me to talk about them in my own private place. I’ve gone through various names for my blog, a lot of the names have been some variation of ‘Fangirl,’ and for a fair while it was TragicFangirl. I think last year, I changed things up when the blog got a bit more focused on the Warhammer Hobby to Inquisitor Jenn – which it shall remain as.

It was clearly in 2017/18 that I started posting a bit more regularly and found a focus for the blog and became more involved in the wider Warhammer community and used the blog to showcase my hobby adventures, as well as my artwork.

I think it was late 2919/2020 when I also added in Book Reviews and although I’ve tried running different blogs for different topics and stuffs, I always end up returning to the same space, so that’s the way it is now.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t get much in the ways of traffic, roughly 1000 a month and that will probably take a hit now that I am no longer on Twitter; but it’s something that has (more or less) grown steadily over the years I have been here. Considering I have no plans on changing things up in terms of domain name or hosting, I’m hoping the consistency will help.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve met some great bloggers and wanted to give a special shout out to Dave at Wordaholic Anonymous, for keeping me going with the Horus Heresy series read through, as I’d not have made it this far without him!

I’d also like to give a shout out to Heretic Deb and Lord Commander Eloth, for joining me on this crazy blogging adventure. And of course, a big thank you to everyone that reads my ramblings regularly and takes the time to comment, you really do make this whole blogging thing worth it!

So the general consensus is, onwards and upwards! More of the same. More models, more books, more blogging and more years of some writing and keeping myself (and hopefully others) entertained.

22 responses to “8 Years of Blogging”

  1. Congrats on staying with one platform that long. I think my 8 year is coming up with WP too but it’s not “real” because it was just copying over from a booksite I blogged at for several years.

    Earlier you had posted about consolidating everything into one blog. How is that working out for you? Hopefully with a consolidation of posts you’ll get a bump in the numbers as people who wouldn’t normally look at X look at it anyway since it’s all in one place 😀

    So congrats again. I know how big a deal 8 years can be in terms of blogging. It’s like 100 years or something 😉
    If you need a cane, I’ve got one 😀

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    • Thanks, WordPress is. agreat platform and I really like the community behind it. Sure, the spambots get a little annoying, but nothing that can’t be ignored!

      I’ve found it’s helped me a lot mentally. I’m not constantly thinking “I have to update blog X to keep it relevant” cause I just put everything on here instead. It’s not done much stats wise, other than keep them steadier – but blogging isn’t *just* about thr stats, right!?

      Thanks again, I feel like I am past needing a cane and need a zimmerframe, if you’ve got one?

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      • I found that banning certain key words removed most of the spambot comments. But they are relentless. Whoever invented them is going to burn for a very long time in hell.

        Stats are a real mixed blessing and curse as far as I’m concerned. I like knowing which older posts have been visited or how many visitors I’ve had that day. But as soon as I start looking at monthly stats, it becomes a curse. I don’t even look at the “Insights” part of my dashboard anymore just to avoid that trap 😀

        Sorry, we’re fresh out. Just stole the last one in our neighborhood last night and fenced it 😉

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  2. Congrats Jenn. Reading HH with you has been great. The current read for DL took me exactly a month, but there were some things in between taking me away from focussing on it. Hopefully September will be kinder even though we are nearingnrhe mid of the month… as for your “cringy old posts” if it was not for your Ginrey furry I would have never found you… I thought I was the only person that knew of Giant Robo…

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    • I didn’t realise it had been *that* long with DL! Yikes! I finished it this morning, so review will be incoming.
      I have a few NetGalley reads I should attend to before picking up the next one though, so maybe we can look into it later in the month?

      Oh gosh! Ginrei Furry! Haha. I used to love Giant Robo when I was a anime nerd! It was so quirky with it’s retro-looking robots and strange humour. It’s been an age since I watched it though, but still love Ginreis outfits!

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      • Are we agreed this is anothe satisfied banner? I feel it was a perfect fit for a HH book and Corax was pretty awesome. I need to start and finish a few NG novels myself still. So if you are oke with holding of on the next hh i will be happy.

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      • Defiantly a happy banner from me. It was a good book and I’m happy that it added to the overall Heresy Saga! Corax was a great primarch and I really liked how he treated the Raptors.
        I’ll make up a banner for us this evening and send it over.

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    • Thank you very much. I am glad that you do.
      It’s been a great way to connect with people over various hobbies and interests.
      And having it on WordPress means I get to pester other people on their blogs too, it’s all win-win!

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