Chaplain on a Bike

This model initially intimidated me. I adore Chaplains so I really wanted to do him justice – I mean, he is an epic model – but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I streamed blocking in the base colours and part way through the process decided that the bike should be read. The model would have looked really drab if I’d left the bike black too.

I layered him up today, again via livestream and managed to get his base done today as well, so here is Chaplain Uthor Exemplaris of the Blood Guard on his bike, looking suitably mean!

8 responses to “Chaplain on a Bike”

  1. Excellent, I love the way that the red and black work together here. I have a Chaplain on a bike somewhere way down my queue of minis to paint; I should bump her up the list a bit after seeing how lovely they look painted.


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