[Parrvolis] Elijah Lynton

It feels like it has been a long time since I drew and shared any personal artwork. I’ve been itching to get back into the swing of it – accepting the style of art that I do best; busts and concept style ‘stuff’

I’ve also been wanting to delve back into Parrvolis and play some more with that project, so why not combine the two?

The character depicted here is Witch Hunter, Elijah Lynton. All round general not-nice person. Basic short version of his story: Gets stabbed & poisoned after burning a witch, henchman takes him to a healer that turns him into a vampire. Henchman is later killed and fed from. Lynton envokes the right of conscription against another character; Abraxas (A necromancer on trial for war crimes) together they raise the spirits of the Light (Diety of the world setting), that tells Lynton that he’s beyond their reaches and go seek your vampire house.

One day, I’ll write his story in full. But for the time being I am content to draw him up and tell everyone how much of a jerk he is! But, I adore him anyway. I love troubled characters.

I do have the first two chapters of his story written, but, I fully onfess to still feeling nervous and vulnerable when it comes to sharing my own writing on here – maybe because I am so critical of others work and have book reviewers following me! One day, when I am feeling brave, I’ll share something again on a whim.

12 responses to “[Parrvolis] Elijah Lynton”

  1. I agree about those book reviewers. They can be right bleeding barstards 😉

    It does make me glad that i have zero aspirations of writing as an author. My one little blog is about as much as I can handle 😀 So good luck!

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    • I wouldn’t say I want to write as a professional author or anything grand, but we can be harsh bastards to others so no doubt that’s going to reflect back!!
      Like everything else, I’d like to write for fun and so I can get these stories out of my head!

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    • Exactly that! What is no one reads it and I’m wasting my time? What if they *do* read it and think it’s trash? What if they read it, think it’s amazing and I never do any more?

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