[Parrvolis] Marcel Cheveron

I had a blast putting drawing this picture up during a Livestream. The impromptu streams are always the most fun!

As the post title suggests this is Marcel Cheveron, unlike the previous character from Parrvolis, Marcel is actually a genuinely nice guy – I did share a bit of writing about him a bit back. It makes for a refreshing change to have a character that starts out as a decent sort. I mean, just because things start off that way, doesn’t mean they stay that way! Unfortunately for Marcel, he chose me to be his creator and I like doing all sorts of nasty things to my characters…

Marcel is an 8th Level Metallurgy Mage at the School of the Arcane Arts and has an unfortunate encounter with Lynton, while the Witch Hunter is on his own redemption story arc. Marcel is working academically in the forges and attempts to stop the Witch Hunter stealing something, which leads to a confrontation between the two of them – a situation that Lynton has the upper hand in resulting in panic and a botch spell leading to dark, pig iron becoming permanently fused to his face/head. The feelings of failure and inadequacy effect Marcel, so his approach to the world and kindness shifts and he goes somewhat mentally unhinged, hellbent on bringing justice to The Light.

Talking about this sort of stuff makes me feel somewhat on edge. I feel this keenly when opening up and talking about my personal projects, characters and ideas. I often up up thinking ‘This is dumb’ but that’s just me trying to protect myself from intrusive negative thoughts towards my creativity. I just need to work on opening up with it all and feeling more comfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas with others.

3 responses to “[Parrvolis] Marcel Cheveron”

  1. These are YOUR characters, in YOUR world, Tell I g the stories in YOUR head. Who cares what others think? You are sharing for yourself. If people like these guys, they will read and learn of your world. If they do t like them, well, take a hike. No one asked you to stop by.

    Only bit I’m confused about, is who ended up with the pig face, and how did that end? Talk about hogging the spotlight!


  2. Even a mean critic such as I appreciate the fact that you share more drawings and personal takes on your work. Makes me confident that I can start sharing old angsty poetry again


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