Monthly Wrap-Up – Sept 2021

I’m taking a leaf out of many other bloggers books and starting to write monthly wrap up posts. I think they’ll be a good way to keep track of what I’ve been doing and help to keep me motivated for the weeks and months to come.

Book Reviews

I’ve managed to read through books this month. I’d like to put my best foot forward with this section of the blog next month as I feel I have been somewhat neglectful of this area this month – long gone feel the days where I was reading two books a week! Having said that, 8 books in a month ain’t half bad!

The Silkworm – Robert Galbraith

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A decent plot-twisting murder-mystery novel that has an emphasis on the slow-burn of clue gathering. A good balance between the mystery and the drama-based elements of the novel; with enough character development from some of the main cast to keep the reader interested in future novels. Some of the main characters quirks became irritating as the novel progressed, but not enough to dismiss the series as a whole. Overall, I am glad I gave this book a chance as it’ll be interesting to see how the series continues.

The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

An odd book that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Far, far too many characters that have an element of narration. Far too many characters that are introduced and do absolutely nothing to advance the plot or sub plots, but seem to be there ‘just because’ and because of the plethora of characters you don’t actually care enough about the ones that you’re meant to or the fact that the retirement home and it’s connections seem to be suffering from a crime wave.

When the Bough Breaks – Jonathan Kellerman

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A good case-building plot that ends somewhat incredulously involving scenes that require a real suspension of disbelief. Some fantastically described elements to the book; that often boarder into the macabre. Heavy topics involved in the story including child abuse, pedophillia, violence and animal abuse. An abrupt end to an otherwise decent novel. Written in the 1980s and the writing style and attitudes reflects the times.

Deliverance Lost – Gav Thorpe

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Read as a part of my buddy read with Dave. Book 18 in the Horus Heresy series. A great in-depth look at the Raven Guard and their Primarch. Some great action scenes and more than enough going on to get the Horus Heresy back on track. The side-characters felt a little one-dimensional compared to the main character; Corax. Nice to have a bit of back-story thrown in too.

You were Never Really Here – Jonathan Ames

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A gritty, depressing thriller that touches on some cliches without fully embracing them. Violence and gore abound written in an easily visual manner that might leave some readers feeling uncomfortable. A well-developed main character turns this novella into more of a character study; especially considering the lack of depth to any of the side characters. Women in this book are purely there to illustrate the horrors in the sex-trade.

The Burning – Jonathan Kellerman

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A highly-entertaining, suspenseful read with character development that leaves the reader questioning the main characters actions. A vividly described setting that houses masterful depictions of crime-scenes, wildfires and the inner thoughts of questioning morality. A book that links back to previous books in the series nicely and draws on events that happened to prior events – so may be more beneficial reading to those that have read previous books in the series; particularly Lost Souls.

The Man who died Twice – Richard Osman

Rating: 2 out of 5.

A set of characters that don’t stand out from one another as they once did – with one of them being near insufferable with her derogatory quips towards her friends. A decent enough plot that is hindered by bloated ‘filler’ chapters and characters that relied too heavily on stereotypes and have lost their charm from the previous book. A series that I won’t be returning too, due to incompatibility in humour and writing styles.

The Shadow People – Graham Masterton

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

A brilliant introduction to the Master of Horror, filed with violence and gorey scenes that leap right off the page and keep you enthralled. Well constructed lead characters, that have their own personalities and habits, but they may have things a little too easy when it comes to the investigation aspect of novel. Not a book for those who like a comfortable mystery/thriller as the horror elements to the novel really are at centre-stage with plenty of shock-value to keep the morbid curiosity intrigued.

Hobby Updates

I’ve been Livestreaming a lot more of my hobby – something I never really thought I’d pick up and get my teeth into. It’s really been helping to get more models painted and finished. This month, I have finished off my current collection of Space Marines/Blood Guard

I’ve also picked up and finished a few Stormcast Eternals – I’m yet to base some of these because its not quite autumn and I’ve ran out of leaves for their bases.

I’ve also been trying to get through some of the Cursed City models – mostly the skelebobs!

A Stormblood Guard model also sneaked in!

Other ‘stuff’

This month also saw me picking up Parrvolis again; mostly in the form of drawing up some of the characters. I’d very much like to keep invested in this personal project in various forms, be it writing or drawing. I’ll be writing up some posts of worldbuilding in the weeks and months to come, purely as a means to add it all to a menu category tag – rather than bloating the blog with loads of pages.

9 responses to “Monthly Wrap-Up – Sept 2021”

    • It involves me sitting at the table in front of a couple of webcams and chatting to people while I paint.
      It’s a bit like an amature cooking program, but with painting instead!
      It’s been a lot of fun and helped me be a lot more productive on the painting desk than if I didn’t commit to it, so it’s all good!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ahhh, a twitch channel. Gotcha.
        That is cool that it’s actually helping you do more painting. My thought would have been that it would have been counter-productive 🙂

        I hope it stays “fresh” for you and keeps on being a help.


  1. You live stream? Did i miss that update? Do you have a link i can save and that will notify me when you are on? Some great and not so great reads last month. Have you ever read Masterton’s Tengu novel? That is so far the only one that has stuck with me…


    • Yes! I snuck the livestream link in a post somewhere, but I don’t think I made it obvious.
      There will be a follow button on that page somewhere that’ll send out emails when I go live – my times are usually GMT days, with the occasional evening stream with Eloth.

      Yeah, looking back I am rather pleased with the amount I’ve read and only one novel that didn’t really click with me, so I did well!!

      I have read Tengu, yes. It’s not a bad book, some very disturbing characters and descriptions if I recall correctly, and the ending is savage!!

      Liked by 1 person

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