Miniature Monday – 4th Oct

That week zoomed by quickly! Another instalment of Miniature Monday is already upon us – although I’ll be adding a couple of things at the end of this post that concern other topics too!

Stormblood Guard

This week for the Stormblood Guard, I have mostly been sticking Paladins together. These are fantastic models and I am a fan of their big, pointed sticks. And the one lurking at the back with the boppy mace! I’ll have to wait for the weather to improve before I can prime them again (The story of a UK hobbyist in Autumn/Winter!)


This weeks, I’ve been working on the layers for my Tzaangors – they’re good fun to paint because of the more colourful colour combination. I’ve got a fair handful yet to do before the unit can be called finished though!

Cities of Sigmar

Just a minor update on the Cities of Sigmar army. I’ve put some base coat and washes on a unit of Dreadspears and base-coated and washed a Wizard that has a dubious attachment to staffs…

These, a bit like the rest of the Tzaangors need layering up and finishing off. I’ll see what I can do on that front this week… but…

Other news

My Father-in-Law was having a clear out of his books and I couldn’t resist his fiction collections. In here there is a lot of Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden and Simon Scarrow; mostly Historical Fiction with the exception of the Game of Thrones books. I’d like to be a bit more ‘serious’ on the book blogging front and this liberation of books has given me the spur I think I needed to fully embrace what was already happening – a shift in blogging purposes.

I’ve been thinking of taking my own photographs of books for the blog and instagram and this is one I took earlier today with some of the things I have laying about.

I have another idea in mind for some pictures, that are a little less… fluffy! I’ll see how it goes and share the results when I have them done.

6 responses to “Miniature Monday – 4th Oct”

  1. Nice progress on your miniatures; I particularly like the idea of the yellow on that Tzeentch fodder daemon. It looks like your FIL has nice taste in books; I particularly like Cornwell, both his books and the Bean television adaptations.

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  2. That’s a lot of books! I’m trying to get rid of my unwanted books to make space.

    I’m currently listening to Sharpe’s Tiger, so far it’s a great audiobook though it’s a story to pay attention to rather than background audio. I’ll keep an eye out on your Sharpe content. 🙂

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  3. Nice work on the models. I am busily finishing my son’s dark Angels. basing Terminators tonight.

    I really need to start reading Cornwall. I like fiction. I like history. I like war stories. Pretty sure I will like his books.

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    • I’m excited about reading all those books!
      You’re right there is a new Sharpe book, Sharpes Assassin, I’ll be getting it once I’ve read the ones I have.

      Thank you for the compliments on the Tzaangors, it’s nice to be able to paint something colourful.

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