3W Wednesday – 13th Oct

The WWW Wednesday meme was started by Taking on a World of Words and asks three questions beginning with W about books. You’re then encouraged to be social and post a link on the blog, etc, etc.

What are you reading?

Dune – Frank Herbert

I’m not really sure if I am enjoying reading this book or not. It’s one of those ‘big names’ in Science Fiction that everyone has already read and enjoyed. So, I feel like I am missing something! The world building is pretty high class, but I am finding there’s something lacking in it for me. I am at around the 50% mark of the story and it feels like I am still waiting for it to really get going and start making proper sense. Not ready to give up on it yet though!

What did you read last?

Sharpe’s Rifles – Bernard Cornwell

I adore the Sharpe series, they’re so easy to just pick up and read. You know you’re going to be in for some high-class entertainment. Sharpe’s Rifles didn’t let me down! It was great being introduced to Harper and seeing the friendship between Sharpe and the Irishman developing and I am eager to get into the next book in the series soon; just because I know I am going to enjoy it.

What will you read next?

Flesh and Steel – Guy Haley

This was on my 3W Wednesday a week or so ago, but I never picked it up – mostly because I got a copy of Dune in the post. I’m not sure if it will be my next read this time either! I am using polls on Instagram to dictate which book I pick up next (As my TBR is so big, I feel like I need some help getting through it!) but the choice will be between this, Ciaphas Cain and the next Sharpe novel. The idea is to keep things interesting for both myself and my Instagram viewers!

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