3w Wednesday – 20th Oct

I feel like I have been most unproductive this past week or so, blog wise. I got ‘stuck’ on a book that I should have DNF’ed, but was too stubborn to quit; mostly due to it’s acclaim as being a good book. Alas, this was not my experience! So, I have a couple of blog posts/reviews outstanding while I gather my thoughts and put them into a coherent review.

What are you Reading?

For the Emperor – Sandy Mitchell

The winner of my first Instagram poll for ‘What should I read next?’ By the time this post goes out, I should have at least started the novel. At the time of writing, I’ve just finished reading a very short book too recover from reading Dune. As I’ve not started yet, I have no thoughts on it, but I’ve heard good things about this series – This is also one of my NetGalley reads (In a trilogy with the next two) so it’s a good excuse to get it read!

What did you read last?

Killer Chef – James Patterson

After reading the monster book that was Dune, I needed something very quick and easy to digest. I picked up Killer Chef from a local charity shop and it fit the bill perfectly. It’s one of James Pattersons ‘Bookshots’ so it was a quick read at only 123 pages. The story was a little far-fetched (A full-time cop also being a chef!?) but it was an easy-to-read book and I enjoyed the little time I spent with it.

What will you read next?

This is sort of answered above, as I’ve not yet started my next read, so it’ll be For the Emperor. After that, I’d very much like to pick up Sharpe again, but considering I am letting Instagram viewers help me pick up my next reads, it’ll probably be something Black Library/Warhammer related again! (Maybe, Flesh and Steel will finally get its time to shine!!)

9 responses to “3w Wednesday – 20th Oct”

  1. Jenn, I don’t think I ever recovered from reading Dune and I read it about 35 years ago! I did finish it but got completely bogged down in the middle. Consequently I never even considered reading any of the sequels! Having said that, I did read the prequel series of books (written and published after Dune) and quite enjoyed them. So some will no doubt consider me a heretic!

    P.S. I really like the new header artwork for your blog (well, it seems new to me, even though I follow your posts)!


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