What to do on a Sunday?

Update with artwork, of course!
It’s been a while since I shared any of my artwork and rather than give each of these their own posts, I figured I’d wait until I had a few things finished and share them all together.


It wouldn’t be an art update if there wasn’t some busts to share! These were finished for a client over on Instagram of themself as a Black Templar and a Custodian. Always nice to revisit these after a while of not drawing! Because Games Workshop has been cracking down on people using their IP for profits – understandable in some respects – I don’t charge for these, but that also means I don’t offer them that often either. (I ask people to look over an Amazon Wishlist instead, which funds more books!)

I recognise this handsome chap! It’s Bookstooge, fellow WordPress Book Blogger. Another Bust-Style commission that I managed to finish off in return for some books! Yikes, I need to get reading!


The desire and pull to draw anthropomorphic artwork is becoming less and less as time goes on. All a part of changing and growing up, I suppose. It was very fun while it lasted and it’ll be something I continue to indulge in from time to time, but certainly not as much as I once did.

Basically, it’s my ‘Fursona’ Jenn, dressed as Sharpe. It was a fun outfit to draw, lots of nice details to it. Nothing overly exciting, just my usual ‘thing’ with Furry-Stuff.

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