Monthly Wrap-Up – Oct 2021

October feels like it has been a bust! I’ve certainly not felt as productive as the previous month, but this is the problem with being self critical over productivity. Nothing ever feels like it’s enough!

Book Reviews

Considering I said I wanted to read more books this month… I didn’t do so well.

Amok – Sebastian Fitzek

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A fantastic, character led thriller. With enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. The characters are as dramatic and captivating as the plot; with well-thought-out depth, quirks and flaws that make them and their situation utterly believable. The setting is well-described and the moody setting of Berlin is the perfect backdrop for this unique thriller.

Sharpe’s Rifles – Bernard Cornwell

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another fantastic offering in the Sharpe series. The earliest one published that I have read so far, but Cornwell’s writing style hasn’t changed enough to realise this book was released so many years prior to the others. As always, Sharpe is a fantastic character to read about, and continuing his adventure – and meeting Patrick Harper – is a real treat. This one felt a bit more whimsical compared to some of the previous books, but that added to it’s appeal. Also Cornwell can’t write women/relationships for toffee, but that doesn’t ruin the novel!

Dune – Frank Herbert

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I blame Dune for the slow progress on the book front for this month. It’s a monster of a book – in more ways that just page-count! I didn’t take to the story and characters in this book, but I really enjoyed reading about the world setting and building involved in it. As such, I am really looking forward to seeing the new film as I think it’ll help to iron out the elements of the book that I disliked; writing style, mostly.

More book ‘stuff’

I have another couple of book reviews to write for this month, but I’ve been away on Holiday, so not had the chance to write them yet.

For the Emperor – Sandy Mitchell – The first novel in the Ciaphas Cain series and the first of the three I’ve committed to read for NetGalley – I figure, I’ll review the three books separately though.

Killer Chef – James Patterson – A short story that I enjoyed a lot more than the dodgy title suggests!

Luther: First of the Fallen – Gav Thorpe – Currently halfway through reading this book, I am really enjoying it so far as a series of ‘scenes’ from Caliban that Luther experienced. It’s nice going back and seeing the Great Beasts of Caliban in action and I’m hoping it’ll expand on Luthers thought processes.

In the coming weeks/months I am going to explore means of taking my reviews to the ‘next level’ somehow. Be that embarking on a creative writing course to improve my own writing or looking into doing paid reviews on a freelance basis. Although I dabble in hobby-related ‘stuff’ every now and again I know that my life’s path revolves around the written word. I just need to put in some hard work into how to reach my goals in regards to writing. I’ve always had these lingers thoughts in the back of my mind and it’s why I’ve tried a few different things with the blog over the past year or so. I am heading in the right direction with it all… slowly.

Hobby Updates

Also not much in the ways of hobby updates this month, either. Streaming has trailed off a little bit, mostly due to family visitors and holiday. But, as long as things get built or painted, I am happy.

I finished off some of the Tzaangors, I still ahve a handful of these yet to finish off, but I’m pleased to have gotten these ones done. I’m enjoying painting something a bit different to… well… red!

I did a little bit of work on my Cities of Sigmar army this month too. Mostly some base coats and washes – I should at the very least finish off the Wizard of Staffs! These are all older-style models now; but I still enjoy them, they’re simple and shouldn’t take me that long to finish off.

Because I have run out of things to paint red, I put these Stormcast Eternals together – I’ve also got a Space Marine ATV/Buggy put together, which will also be painted red! I am equally looking forward to priming and painting both!

Other ‘stuff’

Just a little bit of artwork to share this month. A small handful of commissions and a personal piece of anthro art of Jenn dressed as Sharpe (which I sketched not long after reading Sharpes Rifles)


For the last week of the month, I was away on Holiday. A lot of fun was had and I managed to visit Warhammer World with the family. It was inspiring seeing all the vast dioramas and individually painted models that they had on display. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of painting models again on LiveStream.

Obligatory Rhino photograph!

While the entire room diorama was very impressive, I found some of the smaller, individual models just as impressive, but the one above with all the tanks impressed me the most. It really made me feel like the Astra Militarum was going to war/on parade.


Also while on Holiday, a small group of us attempted the Immaterium: Escape Room. Thankfully, we escaped being sucked into the warp in roughly 38 minutes. The experience was absolutely amazing and working together in a team solving the puzzles was absolutely fantastic! Being side-tracked by Red Herrings was just as fun and gave us all a great laugh afterward!

If you’d like to see more photographs of Warhammer World, then I urge you to visit Heretic Debs post from the day too!

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