3W Wednesday – 24th Nov

What are you reading? Dan Abnett - Know no Fear Still kicking on with this one. I'm over the halfway mark now and determined to finish it by the end of this week/weekend. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to seeing how it all ends. It's taken me a while to... Continue Reading →

Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas

Title: Throne of GlassAuthor: Sarah J MaasPublished by: BloomsburyPublication date: 2nd August 2012Genre: Fantasy/Young AdultPages: 416Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Buy the Book - Audible Blurb/Synopsis Meet Celaena Sardothien. Beautiful. Deadly. Destined for greatness. In the dark, filthy salt mines of Endovier, an 18-year-old girl is serving a life sentence. She... Continue Reading →

Spidertouch – Alex Thomson

Title: SpidertouchAuthor: Alex ThomsonPublished by: Angry RobotPublication date: 14th Dec 2021Genre: Sci-Fi & FantasyPages: 300Format: eBookSource: NetGalley Buy the book - Amazon Buy the book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis In an enslaved city under siege, who is the real enemy? When he was a boy, Razvan trained as a translator for the hated Keda, the mute enslavers of his city, Val... Continue Reading →

Booxebby – Book Mail Box

I've seen a fair few of these Book-Subscription boxes on my various social media travels and I fully confess I have been tempted - who doesn't like getting random books in the post? - But I've always been a bit put off for the price. Because, as nice as it is to discover new authors,... Continue Reading →

3w Wednesday – 17th Nov

I feel so behind this week it's unreal! Sadly, Marcus was unwell on Tuesday so I'm scrambling to get a few posts done before going to bed - I swear one-day things won't feel like they're totally frantic and all over the place! What are you reading? This week it's a bit more like, what... Continue Reading →

Solar Warden: Alien Hostiles – Ian Douglas

Title: Solar Warden: Alien HostilesAuthor: Ian DouglasPublished by: HarperCollinsPublication date: 9th Dec 2021Genre: Science FictionPages: 392Format: eBookSource: NetGalley Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis New York Times bestselling author Ian Douglas delivers the action-packed second military sci-fi adventure in his Solar Warden series, set in a wildly imaginative alternate present where conspiracy theories are terrifying realities... Continue Reading →

Sharpe’s Eagle – Bernard Cornwell

Title: Sharpe’s EagleAuthor: Bernard CornwellPublished by: HarperCollinsPublication date: 9th Feb 1981Genre: Historical FictionPages: 326Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Spain, July 1809 Lieutenant Richard Sharpe faces not only great danger on the battlefield but also, even more dangerous, treachery within his own ranks. But as the enemy approaches, he must pick... Continue Reading →

3W Wednesday – 10th Nov

Another week is done already! Wow! Isn't this year just zooming by! Still enough time to get a few more books in though, so let's not worry too much. I had a decent reading week so far this week. Managed to start and finish a couple of books so far. The reading list is slowly... Continue Reading →

The Death of Vivek Oji – Akwaeke Emezi

Title: The Death of Vivek OjiAuthor: Akwaeke EmeziPublished by: Faber & FaberPublication date: 6th May 2021Genre: Contemporary FictionPages: 256Format: PaperbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis One afternoon, a mother opens her front door to find the length of her son's body stretched out on the veranda, swaddled in akwete material, his... Continue Reading →

Luther: First of the Fallen – Gav Thorpe

"A collection of vignettes chronicling the past and present of an iconic character in the Warhammer series through detailed, broken narrative." Title: Luther: First of the FallenSeries: The Horus Heresy: CharactersAuthor: Gav ThorpePublished by: Black LibraryPublication date: 13th April 2021Genre: Science-Fiction/WarPages: 224Format: HardbackSource: Private Collection Buy the Book - Amazon Buy the Book - Kindle Blurb/Synopsis Hero. Villain. Protector. Destroyer.... Continue Reading →

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