3W Wednesday – 10th Nov

Another week is done already! Wow! Isn’t this year just zooming by! Still enough time to get a few more books in though, so let’s not worry too much.

I had a decent reading week so far this week. Managed to start and finish a couple of books so far. The reading list is slowly getting smaller… sort of. Resisting getting/buying new books is always hard though!

What are you reading?

Alien Hostiles – Ian Douglas

I received an email about this book from HarperCollins via NetGalley. Not really sure if it’s a book for me yet, somehow the term ‘Space Nazi’ in the blurb passed me by! I’m currently 18% or so through it and having a few struggles with the ‘whose who and what’s what,’ aspect of it. It’s also the second in a series – but that hasn’t been an issue so far; thankfully. I’ll give it a bit more time to get going and see how I feel about it then.

What did you read last?

The Death of Vivek Oji – Akwaeke Emezi

This book didn’t quite hit the mark for me. I was expecting to read a tragic tale regarding representation, grief, and how friends and family cope with loss. Instead, I got a book that was incestuous gay porn. I feel misled and bitter. The writing style was easy enough to read and learning about another culture was fascinating, but this book really wasn’t for me.

Know no Fear – Dan Abnett

Current plans are to read Know no Fear with Dave as a part of our Horus Heresy buddy read. I think we’re kicking this off on the 10th, so hopefully, that plan sticks and we’ll get cracking! But, plans change all the time and it’ll depend on reading commitments, time and all that jazz!

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