3w Wednesday – 17th Nov

I feel so behind this week it’s unreal! Sadly, Marcus was unwell on Tuesday so I’m scrambling to get a few posts done before going to bed – I swear one-day things won’t feel like they’re totally frantic and all over the place!

What are you reading?

This week it’s a bit more like, what are you not reading? It’s rare that I read more than one book at a time…

Know No Fear – Dan Abnett

I’m loving everything about this book so far. I really like the format, the tense, and the story. It’s about Ultramarines being betrayed big-time by the Word Bearers. It’s also a part of my buddy-read of the Horus Heresy with Dave, so I am trying my best not to power through it… although I did get through the first 100 pages pretty quickly. I’ll try and read it slower, I promise.

Spidertouch – Alex Thomson

I requested this on a whim on NetGalley because it sounded so interesting. It’s a fantastic read and I am having trouble deciding which to power through the most, this or Know No Fear! The world-building is fantastic, the characters are engaging and struggle through their trials. I’ve been really excited reading this book wondering where it’s going, what the plot has in store. I’m eager to read more of it!

Xenos – Dan Abnett

I finally bit the bullet, brought myself some headphones, and subscribed to Audible. I’ve been doing a bit more walking as of late, walking the kiddo to school and back, walking the doggo, so it made sense to get all tech-savvy and finally try out the audiobook ‘thing.’ I’ve read Xenos before but the book version I have it in is like a brick, so listening to it feels like a good way to ease myself into audiobooks as well as restart the series.

What did you read last?

Sharpe’s Eagle – Bernard Cornwell

Do you ever feel like you’ve taken on a bit too much? Reading the Horus Heresy, catching up with NetGalley, looking into other reviewing opportunities, and wanting to read through the Sharpe series… mostly because I wasn’t expecting them to be so consistently good! I love this series. I know exactly what I am getting with it and that’s a darned good adventure, with a little bit of historical fact thrown in. I admit I am looking forward to trying out some other of Cornwells series, but can’t commit to anything other than Sharpe for the time being!

Sharpe’s Gold – Bernard Cornwell

To be honest, I don’t actually know! Putting Sharpe here is usually a safe bet and while I’ve no particular desire to rush through these books it’ll be nice to get a few more of them crossed off the reading list before the end of the year.

Having said this, Dave and I might bounce right into The Primarchs or I might pick up a thriller (It’s been a while) so I make no solid commitments to this book at this time – but an easy read might be in order!