Booxebby – Book Mail Box

I’ve seen a fair few of these Book-Subscription boxes on my various social media travels and I fully confess I have been tempted – who doesn’t like getting random books in the post? – But I’ve always been a bit put off for the price. Because, as nice as it is to discover new authors, what happens if you’re given a book you’ve already read? It’d be a waste!

So, when I saw Booxebby offering this sort of thing on Instagram, I decided to give them a try. As it’s not a subscription based-product yet and could be ordered as a one-off to give it a go while supporting independent, small businesses. Couldn’t say no to all that wholesome well-being stuff!

One Good Lie, the book that was sent in this box, sounds like the sort of read I’d enjoy. I do like a good dose of drama, thriller and I’m looking forward to reading it – always a bonus when you get a book, and, I’ll be reviewing it individually when I get round to reading it.

It’s somewhat hard to make out in the photograph, but I absolutely adore the little pin-badge that came in the box. “The Book was Better” on some pages of an open book – it’s just so cute.

The sweets have already been eaten!

I’d certainly order something like this again as it feels that need for a bit of a surprise in life while staying in the relative comfort of ‘books.’

3 responses to “Booxebby – Book Mail Box”

  1. I have to admit that I’ve not seen any of these boxes that would appeal to many in the male side of the book audience.
    Not that I can think of what WOULD be good in that regards. but not stickers and bookmarks of flowers and unicorns 😉

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    • They certainly have their target audience!
      I’ve seen ones that are purely books, I admit, they also appeal to me!
      While sometimes I’m in the mood for cute things and stickers – more often than not, I like things kept simple!!

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