The Big 500!

Just the other day I was shown this notification by WordPress. Wowzers, people! I thank all 500 of you for following me through the madness that is my blog. It’s an unexpected, but wonderful, a milestone in terms of blogging. I know blogging shouldn’t be and isn’t all about the numbers, but sometimes it boosts the old ego to have a reminder that the blog is doing well! However, I do feel like this is a bit of a similar post to my buddy-reader Daves 500 milestone post that he put out the other day!

My blog is an ever-shifting space that reflects my moods and whims; it’s had so many incarnations over the 8 years that I have been blogging on WordPress and looking through my Archives I can see the changes in direction – it’s an evolution that has adapted and grown with me and long may that continue! I’m forever faffing with how it looks and how I feel my current mindset should be reflected in my posts and content, so I am overwhelmed that so many people have come along for the journey and have stuck throughout the tsunami-like waves of my mind as it’s blurted out here!

I am honoured and encouraged to keep at it – which has come at the perfect time because things have been taking a bit of a ‘dip’ on the blogging front lately and I was beginning to question ‘Is this thing dead?’

13 responses to “The Big 500!”

  1. Man, this morning (here on the east coast of the States) has been full of great blogging news. First Dave reaches 500 followers and now you? That is just awesome! (in the modern use of the word).

    I have to admit, I am a bit jealous that you’ve got 8 years of blogging. While I’ve got all of my reviews, I’ve nuked more blogs than I care to admit over the years and in so doing have lost a lot of personal posts. You mention looking back and seeing the various directions you’ve gone. I am jealous of that (in a good way! :-D).

    I hope this milestone is enough of an encouragement to keep on posting. Even if on a once or twice a month basis 🙂



    • It’s been a good day for blogging milestones! Onwards to the next 500!

      I started out on Blogspot, a part of me wishes I could look back on that… I still have my live journals up, they’re real cringe!!

      I am ‘proud’ that my archives are here, the content not so much but I figure it’s history enough to look back and laugh at!

      If WordPress is still up in 20 years time, no doubt I’ll still be here in one form or another.

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  2. Congrats Jenn! So glad I started following you. I found you by chance with the Furry Ginrey and the rest is history. Good history. I always look forward to hearing from you. And the HH buddy pair up has been a great experience

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    • Such a random thing to be found by! Giant Robo was one of my favourites when I was big into anime, it was so quirky and the robots looked so retro, it was awesome.

      I’ve had a lot of fun doing the HH reads as well, I’d have long given up on them without you!

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