3W Wednesday – 7th Dec 2021

I missed doing this section of the blog last week, mostly due to feeling unwell. Fingers crossed I’m feeling better now and feeling more up for doing the whole blogging thing! I have a couple of outstanding reviews to write, so will get right on them after writing this post.

What are you reading?

Illborn – Daniel T. Jackson

I was approached by the author via Instagram and he pretty much ‘sold’ the book to me. It’s a character-driven fantasy novel with religious themes at its heart. I am currently 27% of the way through it and I’m really enjoying learning about the characters and the world setting. It’s a monster of a book at 700+ pages, so I expect I’ll be reading this one for a while yet!

What did you read last?

Career of Evil – Robert Galbraith

December must be the month of long books! Career of Evil is another one at 550+ pages. Considering when I reviewed The Cuckoos Calling I wasn’t sure if I’d continue with the series, I’m doing pretty well! I’ve really gotten into the main characters and the writing style and I find these books a real treat to spend time with. The full review should be happening later this week!

Sharpe’s Havoc – Bernard Cornwell

I really need to have a good long look at my reading list and all the books I have on it. Make a decision on what series I’d like to finish off and what I’d like to try and tackle next year. As always, I am going to pick on Sharpe as my image for this though and see if I am still in the mood for loveable rogue characters after finishing Illborn!

Equally, I might have a look at NetGalley and try and get a couple of books crossed off that list!

2 responses to “3W Wednesday – 7th Dec 2021”

  1. Sound like good choices! 🙂 I’m having a long-book month as well – currently reading “In Dark Service” by Stephen Hunt, 500-odd pages and that’s just the first book in the trilogy! A while since I’ve read one of his books and I’m enjoying it, although it’s only building pace slowly!


    • Another long book after this one too.
      Lethal White, the next in the Cormoran Strike series, at 650ish pages. Still, it’s December, and not much else is happening this month, right!?


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