3W Wednesday – 15th Dec

I went out on my works Christmas do last night and was given some really nice things in my Secret Santa – I’ve eaten the chocolates already. One of them was a pocket diary/organizer and I am going to use it in regards to NetGalley and book releases so that I feel a bit more organized next year in regards to release dates and reviews.

What are you reading?

The Long Weekend – Gilly MacMillan

This is one of my NetGalley reads, but I was also sent a physical copy by the publisher – always a nice little ego boost – I’m currently about a third of the way through. Struggling a bit to get into it, to be honest, mostly due to the writing style, but I am still looking forward to finding out all the juicy details behind the mysterious letter the main characters are sent regarding the apparent murder of one of their husbands.

What did you read last?

Illborn – Daniel T Jackson

One of my favourite reads of the year! A character-driven fantasy novel with themes of theology, war, persecution and heresy. You know, all that delicious lovely stuff that I really enjoy in fiction! I’m left wanting to read more of the series and see what each of the characters endures next. It’s a beefy book at 700 pages, but well worth giving a try if the aforementioned themes are your thing. More, please!?

This Might Hurt – Stephanie Wrobel

I only just requested This Might Hurt from NetGalley, so hopefully, it’ll be my next read! Failing approval, I’ll hopefully pick up something from my reading list. I’d like to pick up something easy to read considering the burn-out feeling that the end of the year usually brings, so it’ll probably be Lethal White by Robert Galbraith, three large books in one month will feel like an accomplishment!

One response to “3W Wednesday – 15th Dec”

  1. Best of luck using the organizer. I use Google calendar myself and it is wonderful for remembering things that aren’t going to happen for months.
    Sometimes it almost feels like a second brain 😀


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