It’s been… 84 years.

Hello everyone, although the posts have been thick and fast lately, it does feel like the hobby has been neglected. Remedying this happened last night during an impromptu Livestream. Some new tech needed to be tested out – an arm the camera sits on – so it felt like the perfect excuse to have a hobby session.

Several things were accomplished. The first, sticking together a Beast of Nurgle. I recently purchased this model as a challenge; one of the oldest models in the collection is a metal Beast of Nurgle that was painted when I was a young teen!

My intention is to paint up the new Beast in a similar manner to the old one and see my improvement. There is a ‘How it started vs How it’s going’ meme that’s popular on social media and I thought it’d be fun to give it a go! I thought about trying to source a metal Beast but thought it more fitting to show how Games Workshop has changed in the years since too. The new Beast was confusing at times to put together, but once I got all the bits the right way round, it was a nice kit! The painting will happen depending on the weather for priming!

Because Lord Commander Eloth and The Black Orifice were playing a game of Godtear and Eloth has recently got me to play some games, it was only prudent to start painting Titus, one of the Champions I’ve been playing. I’ve only base coated and partly washed the model, the Nuln Oil needed to dry before I did anything more to him. I’ll attempt to do some more this evening, even if it’s just washing the rest!

This last image is hardly ending things on a high, but it’s the start of a base for a Stormcast Eternal. These bases take a while to do, mostly due to waiting for PVA glue, paint, and washes to dry in between stages. This is at the midpoint, needs washing, and then having all the fun stuff sticking on it!

The base is for this guy, he’ll certainly look a lot better for having his base finished! I’d have done it sooner, but I ran out of dried leaves for the base and needed autumn to arrive so I could make some more! This hopefully won’t take me long to finish off so I’ll share them again in all their finished glory soon!

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