3W Wednesday – 22nd December

Things feel a little slower on the book reading front, mostly due to indecision on my part on what to read next… not sure I’ve made the right choice, but I’ll stick with it! I started reading something else, but it felt disjointed as I was falling asleep (no fault of the books) so I figured I’d put it down and try something else.

What are you reading?

Lethal White – Robert Galbraith

I settled on reading Lethal White, I’ve enjoyed the previous books in the series and it’s another large book to complete the month of big books! I’m not very far into it, but I am feeling a little apprehensive about it. The prologue to the book sets a different tone for the main characters and I’m dreading the series going all romantic on me!! Hopefully, the cases within will distract from too much drama and I have faith in the author to get the balance between crime and drama as they’ve done a great job in previous books.

What did you read last?

The Long Weekend – Gilly Macmillan

The Long Weekend was one of those ‘middle of the road’ books. I thought it was okay, nothing amazing or overly wrong with it. There was a fair amount of early confusion between all the characters and by the time this was remedied I found I wasn’t connected to any of them. The plot was good and the events gripping, and I powered through the last half of the book! So, very mixed thoughts on this one.

A Flicker in the Dark – Stacy Willingham

The Synopsis for A Flicker in the Dark sounded like a decent thriller/crime read about a young woman whose father was a serial killer, the bodies never found and a past coming back to haunt her. So I requested it. I was approved for this via NetGalley and have now charged the Kindle, so when I’m finished with Lethal White, I’ll pick this up. I’d like to start the new year by clearing my NetGalley list (Only six books, most of them Black Library) but, fingers crossed I’ll get to this one before then. But, with Christmas looming, who knows!?

3 responses to “3W Wednesday – 22nd December”

  1. Clear that NG backlog! You can do it!
    (and at the same time maybe shame Dave into not getting so many. That boy has a problem! hahahahaha)

    I am looking forward to what you think of the latest Gilbraith book. At some point I might try them just to see what else besides Harry Potter the author can do.

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    • If you do read Galbraith, my prediction is you won’t like the main character!! Not trying to put you off or anything, just a thought considering your comments on other characters we’ve both read.

      NG is slowly getting cleared, started an AoS book this evening because the Galbraith was to big to read in the bath! Hopefully, it won’t take me that long to clear, then I can request more… that’s how it works right? Request more rather than get on with the TBR pile!?

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