Godtear – Titus – WIP

First and foremost, I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas Holiday and that all my readers dreams came true – or at the very least you added more to your reading lists and/or hobby piles!!

This evening Lord Commander Eloth was recording the second Banner Brothers Podcast episode and as such, I snuck in a cheeky evening stream and did some hobby painting (While feeling guilty that I wasn’t reading and getting books crossed off the reading list!)

I did finish off Titus this evening though, I just need to put some thought into what sort of base to put him on. Because the bases are rather large, it makes sense to make a feature of them. Eloth did a great job of this with his model of Nia and I am keen to follow in his footsteps, just requires some looking for some inspiration on the internet and seeing what I can find that works in contrast with the rest of the model; I am thinking tundra/snow bases at the moment but that might warrant too many yellow snow jokes…

And, to show that painting isn’t all glamorous and clean… here’s how the rest of the Warband currently looks. They have had rough base coats put on and look like a fine mess!! I’ll be tidying them up next painting session!

7 responses to “Godtear – Titus – WIP”

    • The game is called Godtear, it’s a halfway between board game and war game, so it fits in easier with time restraints compared to the time sink that is 40k/AoS.


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