Knight-Vexillor – Stormblood Guard

As the end of the year looms and the dreaded ‘This is what I’ve managed to paint’ post is coming, it was high time I finished off at least one more model! One that has been waiting simply for the seasons to change so it could be based and finished. Honestly, this year’s hobby wrap-up post is going to be pitiful! So I’m glad to be able to sneak in another one before all is revealed.

This is a Knight Vexillor, a Stormcast Eternal, and one of the Stormblood Guard – an official Stormhost of the Eternals that is named so closely resembled my Warhammer 40k Space Marine home-brew, it felt rude not to paint some up. Honestly, I have no real knowledge of Stormcast Eternals and ‘what they do’ beyond beating up bad-guys, doing Holy-Sigmars’ bidding, and getting resurrected if they die. I really should read some of those Age of Sigmar books I have on the reading pile…

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