Hobby Summary 2021

2021 is almost over! Let’s have a quick look back over the painting achievements, shall we?

In direct comparison to last year, things on the hobby front are looking better. At a quick glance, this year I have mostly been painting Space Marines! They’ve made up a fair chunk of this years painting achievements – and it was really good going through my Space Marine collection and really thining it all down; putting a lot of the older, first-born Space Marine models into the ‘bits box’ was quite liberating and while I am somewhat sad about no longer having a full company of Astartes, it was quite a freeing process and helped me feel a lot less bogged down by models, especially considering the thought of going back to painting them after the Primaris.

I think my ‘crowning achievement’ this year came in the form of the Cities of Sigmar General on Gryphon, this is one of the biggest models I’ve ever tackled and I am still mega-proud of the wings on it. Although it didn’t help with model intimidation as I still have a fair few larger models that I’d like to paint up and tackle! (Mostly Slaanesh Daemons)

This year also saw my starting a new section of the Cities of Sigmar army, with some allied Stormcast Eternals – I enjoyed painting them a lot more than I thought I would, and after the freebie model as a test, I brought a few more – they are stuck together but just need me to get cracking on them!

I did a lot less in terms of ‘random models’ this year. The Leader of my Cawdor gang and an Inquisitorial Scribe, being the only ones that I could find. There was also a Raygun Raptor finished off on the main picture too. As well as Titus, from Godtear, which Lord Commander Eloth has recently gotten me started in painting and playing!

All in all, not a bad year on the painting front. I certainly feel more accomplished than last year. I do feel like I could have done more, but there was a bit of a hobby lull in the middle of the year. Mostly caused by stupid internet drama and as this stemmed from the hobby community over on Twitter, I felt a bit despondent to it. However, building on from that in the direction of streaming and moving to Instagram where everything is a lot more chilled-out, has really helped to encourage hobby painting again. And, I’ve enjoyed making the hobby feel more sociable via streaming too. It’s like painting with friends!

I’ll also be writing up a book-related summary for the year too, not sure what I’ll be saying, but I’ve managed to read 79 books this year. Beating my goal of 50 by quite a margin! I do feel I have stumbled on a good balance of reading and hobby now and have a good way of sharing them both on the same blog without it feeling awkward or weird. I’ll talk more about books in another post though when I have figured out what I’d like to say!

As for next year, I’d honestly just like to try and maintain a better balance with painting and keep on enjoying what I am doing. Finishing off some models that I have already started would be great as I seem to have started a fair few and then never finished them – mostly base coating and washing things but never getting them layered or based – so going back and doing these steps on them would be a great starting point. Getting over the big model intimidation would be a great step to take too!

I wish all my readers the very best for the New Year, I hope that you’re all happy with the progress you’ve made this year and that all your hobby dreams come true in 2022! As always I look forward to seeing all your hobby as the year progresses!

8 responses to “Hobby Summary 2021”

  1. Happy new year Jenn. Looking forward to our buddy reads in 2022. Thank you for being part of HH so far. Love seeing the paints you do. I need to start on some of my models as well. Will be asking a few uestions in the new year. Mainly on how to get started…


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